A Hands on practical course for beginners to help you set up your Shopify online store
This course is fully redeemable with SkillsFuture credits and available for UTAP Funding

This is the only course in Singapore taught by officially certified Shopify Experts

Do you need help setting up your Shopify store? We are here to help you!

In this Shopify Course for Beginners, we will guide you step by step from registering your Shopify account to a complete and operational online store.

Engine Studios has been a Shopify Expert from the early days since Shopify started, and we have designed many Shopify stores for our clients.

We will also be sharing tips and the best ways to set up a Shopify store easily based on our years of experience through trial and error and lots of research.

Save time and learn how to setup your store up and running in one day instead of going through the frustration of searching the internet for solutions.

Course Information

This course is designed for people who are looking for a step by step explained method to successfully create their first online business, or for existing business owners who wish to have a website to sell their products or services online without a large initial investment.

All our collected research and experience is compiled in this 1 day course to help you get ready to sell online.

Part 1
We will go through what Shopify can do for you and how you can configure the store options step by step

Part 2
Learn about your shipping and payment choices for local and international delivery, taxes and how to set up your store to accept credit cards and other payment options.

Part 3
We will cover additional tools and Shopify apps you can use to add more functions and features for the specific needs of your business.

Part 4
Q&A Session to answer any Shopify related questions or problems you may be facing.

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Online via Zoom

Instructor: Angela Chng / Zayed Talib

Cost: $450 (fully claimable with SkillsFuture credit)

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For more info contact us via our live chat or phone/whatsapp us at +65 9230 0959

Basic Shopify Course - Setup your first online store



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SkillsFuture credits (fully claimable)

A hands-on practical course for beginners to help you set up your Shopify online store.

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