Adding PayNow to your Shopify store in Singapore with HitPay

PayNow is probably one of the simplest, most convenient ways to make a transaction these days. It supports transfers between over ten central banks in Singapore, including digital wallets like GrabPay and Google Pay, and offers lower fees than credit card transactions.

However, oftentimes, when PayNow is chosen as the method of payment, we’re faced with having to take a few more steps before the final checkout is done, such as manually keying in a phone/UEN number.

So while convenient, the additional steps do slow things down when consumers miss or forget to complete payment, ultimately leading to an incomplete transaction which then affects sales for your store.

Enter HitPay.

What is HitPay

HitPay is a one-stop commerce platform that aims to empower SMEs with no code, full-stack payment gateway solutions.

Its payment gateway helps to simplify the checkout process by auto-generating a QR code for consumers when they choose to use PayNow and all they have to do next, is complete the transaction by using the Scan and Pay function on their banking app.

Once set up, the transaction process for the consumer becomes a breeze. Be it through a desktop or purchasing via mobile, the steps are easy to follow.

For Desktop:

1. Select PayNow (powered by HitPay)
2. Scan generated QR code using bank app’s Scan & Pay function
3. Follow steps to complete the transaction

For Mobile:

1. Select PayNow (powered by HitPay)
2. Screenshot QR code
3. Go to their bank app’s scan & pay (name may differ from each bank)
4. Upload screenshot of QR code to complete payment

As a merchant, receiving your payment is hassle-free as well. You will receive the full funds (minus transaction fees) deposited to your business bank account by the next day.

Incorporating HitPay is an ideal option to make your Shopify store more accessible to consumers and to provide a smoother shopping experience whilst saving on transaction fees.

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To get started on incorporating PayNow on your Shopify store, register for a HitPay Account and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, reach out to us or WhatsApp us at +65 9230 0959 if you need help in setting it up on your store.

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